Entrepreneurs and companies

We support the region's innovation ecosystem friendly to small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and innovation activities.

We develop business know-how

Liberec Business Incubator

Lipo.ink has been operating in the region since 2017. It supports the founding and development of innovative companies with higher added value. The range of services is graded from the Business Ambulance in the form of a non-binding one-hour consultation, through Incubator including individual consultations, mentoring and publicity assistance to top advice for small and medium-sized enterprises by an expert network of PlatInn experts. In addition to these services, you will also find a top coworking centre in the Lipo.ink premises.

We help find sources of funding

ARR – Regional Development Agency

The Regional Development Agency in the region focuses on regional development and the related grant management. It prepares and implements investment and non-investment projects financed from the European Structural Funds, national and community resources, both as a processor of the grant application and as a partner or subcontractor.

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic 

TA CR has been running a regional branch in the region since 2018. It announces thematically focused funding programs and thus provides support for applied research and innovation projects from state funds. Projects with elements of uncertainty that may be too risky for the private sector have a chance to succeed. Other activities of TA CR include the interconnection of research organizations, companies and state administration in order to support their innovative activities.

We connect companies with research and development

Smart Akcelerator 

The Smart Akcelerator II Libereckého kraje project (SALK) team creates an environment for optimal cooperation between the public sector, companies, schools, universities, research and non-profit organizations. It seeks grant titles applicable in the areas of development of projects related to science, research and innovation in Liberec Region and the development of cooperation between individual entities of the innovation ecosystem.

Regional innovation ecosystem database

Part of SALK's activities is the administration of a database of innovative organizations and companies operating in the eight domains of specialization of Liberec Region.