Regional brand 1012+

1012+ is a regional brand, an information portal and a signpost of opportunities in the field of science, research and innovation in the region below Ještěd. The chiselled performance of our region is heading to the top of mount Ještěd, the regional dominant with an elevation of 1012 meters above sea level. And even higher! It reaches into the space, as is the case with Turnov-based research in the field of optics and optoelectronics.

The regional innovation brand 1012+ promotes the chiselled performance of Liberec Region in the field of science, research and innovation. 

Our mission is to map and promote the environment of science, research and innovation in Liberec Region. In our Magazine 1012+, we write about successful companies in the region, about their best practices, we bring stories of scientists and researchers, we interview experts and inform about the sources of funding. We shoot a podcast called The Region That is Changing the World interviewing inspiring personalities from our region. We manage a calendar of events and a database of companies, schools, research organizations, clusters and other entities of the regional innovation ecosystem. 

What we can help with

  • We incorporate your company, school or R&D facility to the 1012+ family

  • We help you tell your stories

  • We present your successes to the public

  • We help with communication towards the media

Who we are here for

  • Subjects from Liberec Region

  • Companies with scientific and research potential

  • Research institutes

  • Public institutions

  • Educational institutions

Contact information

SALK Project Manager

Martina Pšeničková

+420 604 510 129

Marketing Manager 1012+

Lukáš Jokl

+420 723 936 617

Our references

Kraj podpoří milionem a půl přípravu strategických projektů
Kraj podpoří milionem a půl přípravu strategických projektů
V rámci podpory vědeckovýzkumných aktivit v regionu má Liberecký kraj vyčleněno 1,5 milionu na zpracování přípravy strategických projektů podávaných do českých i unijních dotačních programů. Žádat o ně mohou právnické osoby z veřejné i soukromé sféry. Na přípravu projektů mohou získat finance v rozmezí sta až tří set tisíc korun. Kraj jim proplatí 85 procent způsobilých výdajů.