Liberec region, a region of chiseled performances

The innovative industry in Liberec Region is based on the knowledge and experience passed on between generations of successful scientists, researchers, discoverers and entrepreneurs. Some of them went into the world seeking glory, others worked tirelessly for our region until the end of their days. In any case, they left an indelible mark in the region below Mount Ještěd.

Top know-how has not been born in our country overnight.

Top know-how has not been born in our region overnight, it has been a long and often painful journey full of notable milestones. The largest textile factory of the monarchy, the famous glassworks of the Jizera and Lusatian Mountains, glass and precious stone-cutting shops and top-class optics in the Turnov area, research and development of textile machines in Liberec as well as developed automotive industry across the region.

The knowledge and experience of experts survived the post-war population exchange and forty years of central planning. Today, thanks to patents from Liberec Region, nanofibers can be produced on industrial scale, unique production lines for the whole world or optical systems for space research are being manufactured there. The negative impacts of uranium mining and the stay of the Soviet army led to the establishment of research organizations with state-of-the-art membrane remediation technologies in the region. We were able to extract advanced know-how even from the darker moments of history.

The chiselled performances of the Liberec Region can be seen in the Czech Republic, in the world and in the sky. Judge for yourself.

Liberec region, a region of mountainous horizon

Developed industry, university and research institutes on the one hand. Nature, mountains and sports on the other. These are also the assets of Liberec, and eventually the whole region under the Jizera Mountains, the Ještěd Ridge and the Lusatian mountains. Ask native Liberec citizens how they feel when they can't see the mountains on the horizon. You will probably hear a one-word answer: uncomfortable. Ask a person who has come to Liberec Region from elsewhere for the reason for their choice. Mountains, nature and sports are likely to be mentioned as one of the region's major attractions.

Developed industry, university and research institutes on the one hand. Nature, mountains and sports on the other. This is also Liberec Region.

A modern person cannot live on sports alone. That is why Liberec Region has experienced an unprecedented boom in the gastronomic scene in the recent years. Independent bistros, cafés, bars and other cultural establishments spring up there. Thanks to its strategic location on the border with Germany, the region is close to Dresden and Berlin. If you set off in the other direction, you are in Prague in about an hour. Compared to the capital, however, you pay half the amount per square meter of apartment on average in Liberec (source: Deloitte Real Index Q3 2020). And if you decide to drive to the centre by car during rush hour, the only place where you can get stuck in a traffic jam is Košická Street. For no more than seven minutes.