Nanoczech 2023

Conference organisers 

Regional Development Agency (ARR) 

ARR was established by the Liberec Region in order to provide expert support to residents, entrepreneurs, and institutions in the region. ARR focuses on grant management, development projects, support for science, research, and innovation, support for entrepreneurship, startup businesses, and other areas of interest. One integral part is the Smart Accelerator project, designed to achieve the regional RIS3 strategy of support for strong areas of regional specialisation (including nanotechnology). 

Liberec Region 

The Liberec region has a fine tradition of industry, particularly in the fields of engineering, the textile industry, and the glass industry. The region was a global hub of industry and trade in the world of textiles, glass, and costume jewellery, particularly in the 19th and 20th centuries. Then, at the beginning of the 21st century, the tradition of textiles gave rise to the world invention of industrial nanofibre production. The current representatives of the Liberec Region, headed by the Governor and the Regional Council, are fully aware of the importance of modern technologies in maintaining the competitiveness of the region. It is only natural, then, that they should provide considerable support to initiatives such as NanoCzech Liberec 2023. 

Technical University of Liberec 

The Technical University of Liberec offers a wide range of study programmes, from engineering through design, economics, teaching, and architecture to mechatronics and nursing. Its tradition stretches back to 1953, when it was founded as the University of Mechanical Engineering. The school was divided into the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Textiles in 1960 and was renamed the University of Mechanical Engineering and Textiles in Liberec (VŠST). And it is on the grounds of these faculties (and elsewhere) that remarkable feats are now being achieved in nanofibre research and development. Here at the conference, we will introduce you to the work done throughout TUL (the faculties of engineering, textiles, mechatronics, and education and the CXI TUL Research Institute). 


CzechInvest has been playing a key role in providing comprehensive support to business and investment since 1992. A unique combination of regional, central, and international work ensures the integrity of services and the ability to connect global trends to regional conditions in the Czech Republic. One of the main goals of CzechInvest is to transform the Czech Republic into a leader of innovation in Europe. CzechInvest is an organisation receiving contributions from the state, coming under the wing of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. 


The CzechTrade agency is a national pro-export organisation that was established by the Ministry of Industry and Trade with the aim of developing international trade and reciprocal cooperation between Czech and foreign entities. CzechTrade offers exporters information and assistance services, provided by professionals in the Czech Republic and above all at its offices abroad. The result is comprehensive support for exports that is provided as fast as possible and, above all, that is easily accessible to Czech companies. 

Conference partners 

Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association

Since 2014, Nanoassociation has been an umbrella for Czech companies from various sectors for whom nanotechnology is their main line of business, from the textile industry through biotechnology, environmental applications, and optics to energy. 


The Nanoprogress cluster focuses on research into and the development of functionalised nanofibre structures, and their application in industry and biomedicine. The cluster's vision is to act as an example of cluster excellence, trust, stable reciprocal cooperation among members, and a transparent management policy that focuses on the process of continuous improvement. Nanoprogress is a European cluster of excellence and a co-founder of the "AdPack" European Strategic Cluster Partnership. 

Association for Foreign Investment - AFI 

AFI is an organisation which intends to provide comprehensive support to investments and investors in the Czech Republic. It was established in 1996 at the initiative of the Czech government (Ministry of Industry and Trade and CzechInvest) as a platform for public-private cooperation with a view to continuously improving the Czech investment environment, conditions for investors, legislation, communication, and the exchange of information. AFI's mission is also to bring new foreign investors to the Czech Republic and to promote the Czech Republic as a country that is ideal for new investment and business.