Evidence system of collection objects

The aim of the project is to improve the availability of the content of collections to regional institutions and the public. The means to achieve the goal is the registration of collection items in the region in a unified digital environment.

The register of collection items is currently not addressed systematically and uniformly. Some subjects use DEMUS or BACH-type systems. The extent of the existing digitization in these unsatisfactory systems is about one-fifth. The situation is unsustainable in the long run. The need for records affects approximately 1.6 million collection items in total.

Liberec Region is taking steps to establish a central depository of collection items. It is also involved in the initiative and preparation of conditions for ESIF 2021+ at the national level.

All collection items managed by contributory organizations in the region must be properly managed, as required by law. The basic mission of public administration in this area is the protection of cultural heritage. A unified digital registration system is one of the tools to achieve this. Easily accessible data provide organizations and individuals with transparent access to cultural heritage. A specific benefit is the facilitation of work for researchers, educational institutions and companies. One of the tangible outputs for the public is an increased quality of the presentation of collection items, either online or in the form of exhibitions. This serves as the basis for raising awareness of the cultural heritage of the region and promoting tourism.

The project also aims at increasing the level of interoperability of established institutions and their founders.

The main step in fulfilling the goals is to establish a data centre and a uniform methodology for all stakeholders, fill the centre with data and then build a web portal to make this data available to the professional and general public.

Our goals

  • Improving the availability of information on collection items of institutions administered by the region

  • Better recorded and digitized data leading to better care for the cultural heritage of the region

  • Introduction of the possibility of multi-criteria search, linking to records and functions of various kinds: monitoring of loans, work in the system, publishing, etc.

  • Raising awareness of the cultural heritage of the region, support for tourism

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